Thursday, June 30, 2011

Did Your SEO Content Survive Google Panda's Latest Quality Changes

SEO writers online have been waiting for this time for months, if not years: the day that Google would come up with an algorithm that would demand quality content for its ranks.

Is that good news? It is for search engine users who want relevant, useful, and interesting results. It is for website owners who have been carefully providing valuable keyword optimized content for their site visitors on their pages, blogs, social media, articles, etc. It is if you've been hiring an SEO online writer who has been taking the care necessary to use your key phrases within well-written quality pieces that will appeal to your readers.

If you haven't benefited from the changes in the Panda systems, you're not alone. One in every ten sites that had been indexed by Google crawlers experienced a notable change in their rank, and likely not one that they enjoyed. What caused the slide? Likely their bounce rate.

A bounce rate involves the number of times that a person clicks on your URL, glances at your site and, within a short period of time (a few seconds), leaves without visiting any more of the pages on your site or clicking any of the links you've provided. They either use their browser's "back" button, type in a new URL to go somewhere else directly, or they shut down their browser altogether.

Sites that fill their pages with content of poor quality, stuffed with keywords have a very high bounce rate. After all, they're not worth reading. They're badly written, uninteresting, generic, and are present only for the high search engine rank they used to achieve. So people click away from them within seconds of arriving.

If you've been successfully using this technique in the past, then you may not be pleased with your current position in the query results. Don't worry, though, it's not too late to set things right again. The trick is to start building your quality content, and to begin right away.

Your rank isn't going to improve unless you get some good quality optimized content posted right away and regularly. In this effort, hiring a professional SEO online writing services company is likely just what you need to get ahead and maintain the quality level that you will need to stay there.

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