Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Creating a Personality for Your SEO Social Media Marketing

At this point, unless you've been living in a cave, you know that SEO success requires the use of social media. However, what people are failing to realize is that Facebook, Twitter, and blogging are not the same as simply posting a keyword optimized article on a directory site.

The technique for the SEO content that you create needs to be different when you are using social media. You need your business to become a "person". Someone that your followers will come to know, trust, and recognize. It isn't just a matter of appealing to crawlers from search engines, but also involves building relationships with actual human beings. They are, after all, the ones who will spread the word through their "like", "follow", and "tweet" clicks so that even more people - possibly in your target market - will hear your message and act upon it.

For this reason, creating a personality for your business to use throughout your content on various different social media sites will require a certain specific type of SEO online writing technique that will give the impression to your readers are hearing from someone they know, and not just a faceless organization. Give your business some style, some charisma, and the feeling of flesh and blood, even though it is being represented by text and images on a screen.

You want your readers to feel as though they can connect with your company's personality. They should be able to get to know you. This way, when they need a product or service that you have to offer, then you will be the first "person" who pops into their heads.

Use the following steps to create your business personality through your social media marketing:

  • Be consistent - write in a conversational tone that is friendly and upbeat. If possible always use the same SEO online writer for every post. If you need to use two or more writers, make certain that they work as a team to create a uniform language and style for your business personality.

  • Be honest and positive - your posts should be an opportunity to bring value to your customers. Nothing good comes of insulting people - especially your competition. Be ethical, respectful, and professional and your customers will know that you are trustworthy.

  • Use keyword optimization properly. If your posts are going to be awkward lumps of words with key phrases jammed in just to appeal to search engine crawlers, then you may as well give up before you start. If you're writing to appeal to computer software, then you'll never have any human followers.

  • Find an online writer whose style matches your company. Though you will want professionally written posts, they should also have a tone that suits your business style. Try not to fill posts with jargon or formal speech. Your social media personality should be an approachable, friendly expert.

  • Keep your content fresh. Show your followers that they matter to you by keeping in touch. Providing regular posts continually offers them with greater value and more reasons to keep your business in mind, while making you much more appealing to crawlers and indexers.

  • Know when to call in the pros. This can all be time consuming and can require a professional's touch for the research and creation of consistently effective posts for both people and search engines. Find a high quality SEO online writing services company that will provide exactly the type of content you need.
When you have created a business personality with which your target market can connect, while keyword optimizing to appeal to crawlers, as well, you'll have taken advantage of a major cost effective and efficient opportunity.

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