Saturday, June 25, 2011

SEO Strategy for Google +1 Buttons Must Appeal to Humans

If you're looking to keep up with all of the SEO compatible features that the search engines have to offer, then you are going to want to pay attention to the Google +1 button.

This is one of the many recent features that the king of internet queries has introduced in order to ensure that its results stay as useful and relevant as possible to its users. This is, after all, how it came to be the leader and has held its position there. As a website owner, though, this does mean that you will need to change your SEO strategy so that it caters to this feature.

How? By making sure that your content is not only keyword optimized, but that it also provides value to your site visitors. This is because the Google +1 button lets your readers play a direct role in the rank your page will achieve.

It works by allowing a person to "vote" for your site by pushing the button and letting the search engine know that he or she finds it interesting, relevant, or valuable in some way. This provides a much more wide-reaching opportunity than backlinks because it doesn't rely on the reader to have a website of their own where they can link to the site to show their approval.

While you create your website content, it means that you can't just write unoriginal pieces that have been pumped full of keywords. For one thing, search engine crawlers have algorithms programmed to spot this type of behavior, and the penalties for it can be fatal. For another thing, nobody will find that information valuable, and they won't be inclined to vote for you. This will hurt your rank in two ways - not the result you want from your SEO.

If you're at all uncertain, hire an online writing services company with expert writers who have all of the latest skill and knowledge regarding Google's features and requirements. This individual will create pages that will be appealing to both crawlers, and readers who will be able to vote for you by clicking the +1 button.

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