Thursday, June 23, 2011

Use One Writer for IMC SEO

Though IMC, integrated marketing communications, has been known to be an important part of effectively branding and sharing your message, it has taken on a new life with SEO. This is because internet marketing now includes the use of social media.

Never before has creating a "personality" for your business or website been such a precarious process. After all, if you're posting on Twitter or Facebook, or using YouTube to encourage videos to go viral, then you need to maintain a notable amount of consistency to ensure that IMC has been effectively implemented.

If your customers are following your blogs or other posts, then they will notice inconsistencies in the style of the writing, fonts used, colors, logos,and even the terms that are used for things.

For example, does your marketing "personality" post using the word cell phone, cellular phone, mobile, mobile phone, cell, or a combination of a few of them? If your posts have been calling it a "cell phone" all along, and then suddenly it is being referred to exclusively as a "mobile device", your readers may not consciously see the difference, but subconsciously there will be a disconnect; a break in the flow.

Therefore, whether you're creating your social media marketing posts in-house or are hiring an SEO online writing service company, you should always make certain that the same writer is used consistently throughout. If you need to hire more than one writer, at least make sure that the posts for each specific format are done by the same individual. For example, have one person assigned to Facebook, while another is responsible for Twitter, etc.

If you are working with multiple SEO social media marketing writers, encourage them to work together to ensure consistency as much as possible for your IMC.

With your "personality" established, the result will be a greater connection with your viewers and customers, who will come to trust your company or brand and will think of it as a friend and the automatic choice in your industry.

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