Monday, June 20, 2011

Top Google's Ranks With SEO Blogging

When you want to generate the most traffic for your site, you need top ranks in the results for search engine queries. That's not exactly big news. Nor is the fact that content is the way to achieve those ranks. Search engine optimization (SEO) is based upon a foundation of keyword optimized content.

The challenge is to understand how to do this correctly. One of the top efforts right now is SEO blogging. It allows you to publish a steady stream of keyword optimized updates on the internet so that you'll continue to feed search engines like Google the regular new posts that they love, and will simultaneously provide your visitors with some useful, fresh information.

There are a few key elements to successful SEO blogging. They are:
  • Value - remember that real humans will be reading your content, and if you give them something valuable to read, they will come back for more, share the blogs with others by word of mouth or social media, and will come to think of you first when they want to learn more about the topic, or buy a product or service that you're selling.
  • Keyword - without targeting an SEO keyword or keyphrase, you're missing an opportunity to ensure that your site is being indexed for just the right search terms.
  • Density - ideally, your keyword should be used in an organic (natural) way, and should make up 2% to 4% of your blog. Use keyword density tools to verify before you post.
  • Length - the latest expert recommendations for a blog meant for SEO ranking states that your blog should be a minimum of 250 words in length.
  • Reality - this point is linked to all of the others. Don't forget that both your topic and your SEO keyword need to work together to create a piece worth reading. If your title is "Barking Dog Collar Best Price Internet" then while it may include key phrases, nobody is going to want to read it.
When in doubt, use an experienced SEO online writing services company to write the posts for you. This will ensure the proper layout, keyword use, keyword density, and will even take into account the fact that your blog may be read both on traditional laptops and desktops, as well as mobile devices that have much smaller screens.

This will save you a great deal of time and frustration, as well as trial-and-error, so that you can know that your SEO blogging is being done properly while you focus your attention on your primary goals.

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