Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Write Quality SEO Content Your Visitors Will Use

I've you've been doing any research or reading other posts on this blog, you'll know that you need to create quality SEO content for your website, social media posts, blog, or other online marketing. So that's exactly what you've done.

You've worked hard to form keyword optimized, useful, well-written posts (or at least you've hired a skilled SEO online writer to do it for you) so that your readers and followers would receive something of value.

But what now? How do you know if your readers are actually using what you have been working so hard to provide? Use the following quality SEO content strategy:

  • Do you have a high click through rate (CTR)?

  • Do visitors stick around once they land on your pages?

  • Do your visitors "like" or "tweet" your content to share on their social networking pages?

  • Do you provide your visitors with the ability to contribute their own content?

  • Do your deeper content pages receive attention and links on other sites?

Much of this information can be obtained through a service such as Google Analytics, which will allow you to examine the use of your website including everything from which links are sending traffic to your site, how long people are spending on your pages, what your bounce rate is (when people arrive on your site and leave immediately) and how many visitors you receive within a certain length of time.

Find out what forms of quality SEO content are working, and which ones are not, and try to identify the characteristics of the successful pages. Once you know the pages that are most appealing to your readers, you can start to fine tune your future posts to better suit their preferences.

To increase your chances of success, you may wish to hire an SEO online writing services company that will do your research for you, write your posts, keyword optimize them, and make sure that they are written in a style that is comfortable and appealing to your visitors.

This way, you'll not only keep a top search engine rank, but you'll also improve the value of your website to your actual human readers!

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