Thursday, May 23, 2013

Amanda Giasson Has Reached Her Cancer Fundraiser Goal!

JBC Online writer, Amanda Giasson, has already reached her fundraiser goal of $500 for the Canadian Cancer Society.  In fact, she's beaten it by $20! 

That's great news, but what is even better is that there is still lots of time to do your part and help in the battle against this terrible disease.

Amanda will be chopping off her hair on June 7, 2013, to donate it to the Beautiful Lengths program, where it will be used to make a wig that a cancer patient can wear while she is undergoing chemotherapy. To do even more, she is also raising money that will be used to fund cancer research and assistance programs.

To learn more about the Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow fundraiser, or to donate, please click the link.  Every little bit helps! 

Here at JBC Online writing services, we are proud of Amanda's selfless and touching efforts and are in full support of this cause.

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