Sunday, July 3, 2011

Can Your Small Business Fit SEO Into Your Budget?

When you have a small business website, you have likely wondered how other sites have achieved their great search engine query result ranks. The answer is that they didn't reach their successes by accident, they used search engine optimization (SEO).

Alright, that's probably not news to you, but you've likely noticed that many of the top ranked sites are those that have enormous online marketing budgets. How can small businesses compete? Is it possible to achieve some meaningful results on a notably smaller budget? Yes. If you do it right.

The trick is to stop trying to think like the big corporations. They have SEO budgets several times the worth of your entire company. Instead, think about precisely who your customers are, and speak to them directly.

Start by considering your keywords. If you sell pet supplies in Toronto, Canada, then you might think that your best keywords for optimization are pet supplies or pet store, dog supplies or cat supplies. That may seem true, but virtually every other company selling similar products will have been targeting the same words - and they've had a head start.

Instead, focus your attention on the people most likely to shop at your store. Try key phrases like pet supplies in Toronto or pet store in Toronto, etc. Focus your efforts on your niche market and you'll find that you're not only more successful at reaching better ranks, but the traffic you'll draw will be much more likely to make a purchase.

Of course, finding the right keywords is only the start. They need to be worked into your content in a high quality, valuable way. You'll also need to continue producing that content so that it remains fresh and doesn't lose its value or interest to your site visitors and the search engine crawlers.

To make sure that your SEO is being implemented properly, an online writing services expert can help to create your content and guide you in the right direction - up the search engine ranks! When you choose the right writer, you'll soon find that SEO can easily fit into your budget while you watch your results continually improve.

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